An Overview of Personal Injury Claims

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Personal injury is a very broad term but it usually refers to a bodily injury that is caused by the actions or negligence of another individual. The injury could be both physical and psychological. Making a personal injury claim depends on a number of factors and the claim will usually result in a financial compensation for the injured party.

Types of Personal Injury Claims
There are different kinds of compensation claims, ranging from the ones caused by a traffic accident to medical negligence that resulted in harm.

The most common type of personal injury claim is the road traffic accident. In this instance, a driver or another party that is proven to have caused the injury could be held accountable.

Workplace injuries are another common type of personal injury claim. Workplaces have to follow strict safety regulations but it is possible for workers to experience harm, such as illness contracted at the workplace, injury due to improper workplace safety measures or an accident due to slips, trips or falls.

Personal injury claims cover medical negligence, as well. A patient may be entitled to compensation whenever a doctor misdiagnoses a condition or a surgical error takes place.

The personal injury claim could be of several other types that include use of dangerous products, environmental health hazards, public place accidents, holiday accidents and accidents in the home.

Making a Personal Injury Claim

Knowing how to make a personal injury claim is essential for the outcome of the lawsuit. Finding the right solicitor is the first and the most important part of the process. Personal injury solicitors are often paid for by either your own or another’s insurance company.

When making a claim make sure you describe the situation in complete detail. Client reviews will provide essential facts about work with the solicitor, as well. Gathering information and evidence about the accident and its consequences is vital. You will have to provide information about the date and place of the accident, names and contact information of the witnesses, medical diagnosis and treatment history and information from a Trade Union, if you are a member.

Keep in mind that personal injury claims are subjected to time limitations. In the UK, you will be able to make a claim for compensation within three years of the accident’s occurrence. However, making a claim as soon as possible is the best strategy as finding witnesses and putting the case together may prove difficult after a year or two.

Whenever children have suffered injury due to somebody else’s activities or negligence, a personal injury claim could be made in the three years following the child’s 18th birthday.

Personal injury claims could provide individuals that suffered from physical, psychological (or both) harm a much needed compensation. Accidents will often result in temporary or permanent inability to work and make a living. In such instances, the compensation becomes even more important. Finding the right personal injury claims solicitor and having sufficient evidence will help to achieve a successful personal injury claim.

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