Medical Negligence

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Medical professionals owe a duty of care to their patients and when this duty is breached, and the standard of care delivered falls below an adequate level, then it is only right that affected patients are able to claim compensation. Medical professionals, like all other people, make mistakes. However, the mistakes those medical professionals make, because their actions affect patients’ health, can have far reaching and serious consequences.

Medical negligence can take many forms and can be the result of various medical professionals’ actions, including GPs, surgeons and nurses. Often doctors and nurses will have failed to refer patients on to the appropriate person, failed to interpret test results correctly or there has been an unnecessary delay in making a diagnosis. In the majority of illnesses and conditions, the quicker a diagnosis can be made, the better the patients prognosis is. Therefore, because of this reason, the consequences of a mistaken or delayed diagnosis can be very serious indeed.

In other cases, medical professionals have mistakenly diagnosed patients with having a disease or illness when actually they have been perfectly healthy. A mistaken diagnosis can have significant psychological harm on the patient and this too will thus constitute medical negligence.

Some people contemplating making a medical negligence claim might be concerned about making such a claim for fear that doing so is immoral. Others might worry about making a claim against a family GP who they have known for a number of years and some think that making a claim might affect the treatment they receive in the future.

All of these concerns however are misguided and, although it is true that making a medical negligence claim is certainly daunting, if patients have suffered substandard treatment in a medical setting, then it is only right that they claim compensation. By highlighting pre-existing shortcomings, these claims can act as a catalyst for change ensuring that no one else has to suffer in the way way.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence then you could make a claim with Bolt Burdon Kemp. Their team of experts are renowned clinical negligence solicitors with years of experience making successful claims in a wide variety of situations, including negligence in birth, amputation and cancer, and mistaken and delayed diagnosis cases. They will progress your claim sensitively and compassionately, wholly understanding their clients’ needs and concerns, and can work on a no win no fee basis.

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